Friday, December 25, 2015

Well, as you can see from the broken links, etc. the NING.COM setup didn't work out either.
So, once again there will be a restart.  The videos will remain on and this web site will point to them once again.  The project is at a stand still right now, but I hope to resurrect it one more time.

The idea is a great one.  Have people share what is important to them and then perhaps other will understand that we are simply not that different from each other.

That's the hope anyway.  In today's social climate in the United States, it is hard to see past the daily barrage of media blasting us with everything thing that is scary or "wrong".  Truly there are scary things out there, but look around and THINK, we made this all happen, we can stop it.

We are not who everyone else thinks we are.  Our true selves have been overshadowed by the noise made by a few who think they are right and everyone must believe as they believe.

Hopefully, in some small way, this project can be heard even as a faint sigh.  If it is heard and people share that which they hold important, minus any posturing, each may understand the other better.

Here's hoping.

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